Boos at Pohottuwa rallies!

Blue Diyawanna politicos who were to join Pohottuwa at the very outset from the Opposition are being held in high regard by the Pohottuwa bigwigs, they say.

Even those Blue Diyawanna members who cast their lot with Pohottuwa after actively advocating the virtue of teaming up with Pohottuwa too had received a warm welcome from the Pohottuwa hierarchy.

However, the Blue Diyawanna politicos, who joined Pohottuwa quite recently after serving as purohitas in Yahapalanaya have been greeted with boos when they showed up on the stage at Pohottuwa rallies.

A certain Kegalle district blue Diyawanna politico who appeared on the stage at a Pohottuwa rally in Yatiyantota had been subjected to the worst ever ‘boo’ treatment, they say.

The latecomers to Pohottuwa had been booed at the Pohottuwa’s Anuradhapura, Kadawatha and Eheliyagoda rallies as well.

The crowds at the Eheliyagoda Pohottuwa rally had begun booing at Senevi from the gem city, a person widely acclaimed as a ‘gentleman-politico’, when he stood up to address the gathering, but the jeering crowds had quietened when a Pohottuwa stalwart reminded them that it was Senevi, who first proposed Gota as the Opposition candidate, while he was still in the Blue party.

By the way, a group of party men has now been appointed to identify the elements behind the booing, they say.

Meanwhile, another group of party activists have decided to pay back those booing with the same coin.


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