President Maithripala Sirisena while refuting allegations made against the government on the completion of three months of the Easter Sunday carnage, yesterday stressed that no one should come to a conclusion over the April 21st attacks with various political agendas in mind.
The President reiterated that the government fulfilled its duties and responsibilities after the attacks and the terrorist organization involved in these attacks was wiped out from the country.
An impartial and independent investigation is proceeding to look into all aspects that led to these attacks,” the President added.
The President was addressing the ‘Sathviru Abhiman’ welfare project dedicated for the Tri-Forces, Police and Civil Security Department personnel held at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium yesterday evening.
This project aimed at presenting more welfare benefits to the families of fallen War Heroes, disabled, retired and serving War Heroes of the Tri-Forces, Police and Civil Defence Department.
President Sirisena noted that he respects all religions and religious leaders. “I am ready to discuss with any person openly, if he has any issue. The discussion can even be conducted before the media too,” the President said.
He stressed that he has proven to be a leader with a backbone at the 2015 Presidential election and a number of occasions thereafter, though some elements are trying to portray that the President does not have a backbone.
A number of Commissions were established by me to look in the alleged corruption and fraud in the previous and the present governments, as a leader with a backbone,” he said.
The President insisted that he is fighting with corrupt, underworld gangsters, criminals and drug smugglers as a leader with a backbone.
“Those who have a backbone, should desist from making criticisms and extend their support to the campaign to save the country from drug smugglers, criminals, underworld gangsters and corrupt people,” the President added.
“The critics are betraying the humanitarian mission carried out by the Security Forces personnel risking their lives in the face of the Easter Sunday attacks,” the Pfresident added.
Secretary to the President Udaya R. Seneviratne, Defence Secretary General Shantha Kottegoda, Tri-Forces Commanders, Acting Inspector General of Police and the Director General of Civil Security Department were present.

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