Int’l drug dealers behind Easter Sunday attack: Prez

President Maithripala Sirisena said today there was a hand of international drug dealers behind Easter Sunday attacks.
Drugs are the easiest method to destroy a nation, the President pointed out while adding every citizen should perform his or her duty to free this country from illegal drug trafficking.
The President also believes that certain international organisations are attempting to intimidate Sri Lanka after the decision to re-enforce capital punishment against drug dealers.
Though the assistance of global entities is required for the development of a country, nobody has the right to interfere in the domestic affairs or the sovereignty of a nation, the President said.
The President made these comments addressing the Western Province ceremony of the National Drug Prevention Week held at Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium today.
“Those who did not give their slightest support for the battle against eradicating drug menace during last four and half years are now trying to vilify me in the face of tough action now taken against drug kingpins,” he said.
He said he will demand answers from them on what they have done to safeguard the 300,000 youths who are addicted to drugs while they are in power or in opposition.
The President further said that he is leading the fight against the drug menace unheeded to life threats for the sake of the future generations.
The connection between illegal drug business and politicians is no secret and how many politicians do their duty to protect the nation against this threat is questionable, he said.

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