A grand lunch in vain!

There is a top team member known to be vying for the leadership of his political party. All in the party concede that he is a hard-working politico.
By the way, despite having his roots in the city, this top team member has chosen to represent a remote area in the country.
The Politico recently attended a series of public functions in Rajarata and later in response to an invitation to lunch accepted earlier, arrived at the residence of a party activist in the area along with all guests from Colombo.
The party activist, who considered it a great privilege to host to lunch a distinguished VIP- possibly a head of state- in- waiting, had prepared a sumptuous meal of over forty delicious dishes – a feast good enough for a king. So, it was a glorious moment for him and his family members when the political stalwart sat down to partake at the meal.
However, what happened next gave them a shock.
When others began eating, the most distinguished guest made a signal to one of his security guards, who soon produced a plastic box and a bottle of water in front of him.
The political stalwart opened the plastic box, took out a sandwich and started eating.
The lunch over, the politico said goodbye to the sad-looking host and his family members, profusely thanking them for their hospitality, they say.

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