A wedding guest with a chip on his shoulder!

A family wedding of a fair purohita in yahapalanaya took place in a high-end hotel in the city the other day.
Despite the fair purohita being a Green, Diyawanna politicos from other political parties too had been invited to the wedding. Number One in yahapalanaya, the Green Chief and the former strongman were among the prominent guests on the occasion.
Of the VVIP guests, the first to arrive for the wedding was Number One in yahapalanaya.
As soon as Number One took a seat, an elderly green purohita who approached him sat in a chair close to him. There were several others too at this table a few seats away.
It soon appeared to all present that the elderly green one was criticizing someone with Number One, who was giving him an attentive ear.
It had later transpired that the object of his harangue was a holder of a very high office in the government. Slamming this high-up in very strong terms he had reportedly described him as a person who had forgotten his beginnings.
The elderly politico was still holding forth, when the former strongman walked in later and on seeing the latter he beat a hasty retreat to a quiet corner, they say.

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