They want to know the Oil Price Formula !

Some junior Diyawanna Greens are said to be in an ugly mood, they say.
Wherever they go, it seems, people ask them one common question which they are unable to answer. The question is what exactly is the Government’s Oil Price Formula?
The only person in yahapalanaya, who seems to know what this formula is Mangie, the one handling the country’s purse, they say.
So, the junior Greens have written to Mangie’s Ministry asking that the formula be made available to them, but they all have yet to receive a response.
They all have now decided to make their complaint to the party chief who happens to spend more time abroad than in the country these days and they are awaiting his return from his latest foreign tour, they say. These Junior Greens say that whenever they go to a village or meet media personnel they are invariably asked this question and they have to look dumb for they do not know what to say in reply.

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