High cash deposit is the deterrent!

This political high-up at the provincial level made a great effort to shift the council to a 13-story building complex. But he has failed so far to open a canteen inside the building complex for the benefit of the staff.

Furniture items and kitchen equipment and appliances worth Rs. 75 million intended for the proposed staff canteen purchased about a year ago are lying idle as no action has been taken to run the canteen.
The opening of the canteen has got delayed as the requirement of making a cash deposit as high as Rs. 5 million by the successful tenderer stipulated by the political high-up has deterred prospective candidates from applying for the catering service.
Employees say that the high deposit stipulated is unrealistic that no entrepreneur would want to sink an amount as high as Rs. 5 million in a deposit in a bid to run a canteen.

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