Field Marshal Fonseka to boycott Independence Day celebration

It is reported that former Minister Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka has decided not to attend the National Independence Day celebrations to be held at the Galle Face on February 4.

When our paper inquired from the Field Marshal about why he was not attending this important event he said an invitation had not been received by him up to yesterday.

He was of the view that if he does not receive due respect for the position he holds he will not participate at such an event. It is the practice the world over to give due respect to a person who holds the position of a Field Marshal, Fonseka added.

A rehearsal of the Independence Day celebrations was held yesterday at the Galle Face Green and the list of guests to be received on a priority basis was announced and those who took part in the rehearsal claimed that Sarath Fonseka’s name was not among those mentioned.

When this matter was referred to the Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Local Councils and Local Government Kamal Padmasiri, he said that he was not in a position to comment on this matter at the moment.

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