Former Carey and Sri Lanka boxer H.D.R. Jayaweera passes away

I am extremely sad to note the death of H.D.R. Jayaweera, former Carey College boxer and National Champion and one of the most stylish boxers that Carey College had ever produced during the late 60s and early 70s. His funeral will take place today at Kanatta at 2.00p.m.


Jayaweera brought colour and glamour to the boxing arena during that period and won many Best Boxer Trophies and he was famous for wearing world famous Ever Last boxing shorts. He was a classic boxer who had all the punctures and beautiful combinations you will rarely witness nowadays.


In 1969 the Up country Low country Schools Boxing meets was held in Kandy. I was in the Up-country team. The late Derrick Raymond, my coach wanted me to shift one weight up to 110 pounds and fight Jayaweera. To be honest, I was reluctant as Jayaweera was senior to me and he definitely had a reputation and I thought it would be difficult for me to handle but my coach thought otherwise.


To make things further difficult without my knowledge Mr. Raymond had altered the programme and our encounter was scheduled as the last bout of the evening. By the time we entered ring, Colombo Schools had won seven and Kandy Schools also had won seven and it was a very close contest. Since I was a southpaw, I got the impression, that Jayaweera had difficulty in adjusting himself. I was ahead in the third round and with my victory Kandy Schools won the championships.


He was our life long friend. Whenever our team travel to Colombo we stayed at the St. Joseph’s College hostel. Jayaweera’s house was just opposite the road. We always used to go to his place. He had a lovely collection of boxing magazines, photographs of international boxers and his elder brother H.D. Kumarasiri also a boxer and Nandasiri were very friendly and lovable characters. H D R Jayaweera had been a close friend of all the Sylvestrians during that period. We always admired this stylish boxer during that era. He will be remembered as a brilliant boxer and also a sincere friend who was willing to entertain friends. He will be in our thoughts forever. Good bye dear friend.


Nimal Lewke

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