Bookmakers at Inter-Provincial tourney SLC Anti-Corruption Unit launches probe

Investigations have been launched following a number of suspicious Indian bookmakers being spotted at Dambulla Cricket Stadium during the T20 Inter-Provincial Cricket Tournament matches last weekend, Ceylon Today learns.
It is understood that 15 Indians had arrived at the playground on both 25 (Saturday) and 26 (Sunday), though this was not an international tournament. All Sri Lanka players participated and cricket fans were provided opportunities to take photographs with them.
However, following information received regarding the Indian group and owing to suspicions that arose, the organizers took steps to oust them from the playground with the intervention of the Police.
A high ranking officer of the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) Anti Corruption Unit speaking to Ceylon Today revealed that the 15 Indians who could be suspected to be bookmakers, were immediately ousted from the Dambulla playground. That may be a group trying to come targeting the LPL tournament which was cancelled recently.
“They arrived on a business tour. Not a single player of ours had anything to do with them; that is for sure. We are continuing with our investigations,” said the official.
Responding to our inquiries, Ashley de Silva, the Executive Director of SLC said the suspicion-ridden group was sent out from the playground with the assistance of the Police. “We spoke with the managers and coaches of all four provincial teams in this connection. There had been no opportunity for the group and the players of the teams to communicate. That is absolutely sure. Names of various players have been implicated and rumours are going around, but those are baseless,” de Silva observed.

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