Upali Group will illuminate the Situlpauwwa Temple for the 31st year

The Annual Poson illuminations of the historic Situlpauwwa Raja Maha Viharaya which is situated inside Yala National Park will be held from June 22 to 28.The series of these poson religious observances are held under the guidance and patronage of Chief Incumbent Ven. Pandit Mataramba Hemarathana Thera. The pride of place will be given to Seela, Bhavana, Bana Sermons, Dhamma discussion, Buddha Phoojas, Bodhi Phoojas and other religious rituals,

On the Poson Full Moon Day there will be an all-night pirith chanting and Triple Gem Blessings to the country.

As in the past Upali Group of Companies will do the illumination of Situlpauwwa for the 31st year from June 22 to 28. Mr Nimal Welgama, Managing Director Upali Group and Mr Dhammika Attygalle, Vice President of the Situlpauwwa Dayaka Sabha will switch on the lights on the Poson Poya day. All arrangements have been made to assist pilgrims during the Poson period.

It is expected that as usual over 10,000 devotees will observe Sil and an equal number will visit the Viharaya for the observance of religious rites.

Necessary steps have been taken to provide special bus services from Tissamaharama town to Situlpauwwa Raja Maha Viharaya for the duration of the Poson Pinkamas. The Southern Road Development Authority for the convenience of the devotees has constructed the Kateragama to Situlpauwvva road.

Necessary steps have been taken to provide health, water and sanitary facilities to the pilgrims.

Various NG0s and voluntary Organizations have organized Dansalas and will provide alms to the devotees who will observe Sil.

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