‘National Civilian Bravery Awards 2018’ to honour Sri Lanka’s selfless heroes

The Foundation of Civilian Bravery Sri Lanka and leading Sri Lankan insurer, Janashakthi Insurance PLC, have joined hands for the third consecutive year to present the ‘Janashakthi – National Civilian Bravery Awards 2018’. The 24th edition of the awards will honour and celebrate selfless acts of bravery committed by Sri Lanka’s unsung heroes.

With the grand awards ceremony set to be held on 14 June, the Foundation of Civilian Bravery Sri Lanka invited civilians from across Sri Lanka to apply for, or nominate their fellow citizens, for acts of bravery committed between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2017. This year, Janashakthi and the Foundation of Civilian Bravery have received the highest number of entries in the event’s history. The entries are currently being shortlisted and the winners will be selected by a distinguished panel of judges, based on the evidence submitted and face to face interviews.

“We are delighted to present these awards to civilians who have shown immense strength and courage. The Awards provide a national platform to celebrate the nation’s unsung heroes who have valiantly risked their own lives to save someone else’s life. This year, we have witnessed an increase in popularity for the awards as we have received the highest number of entries in the history of this event. We invite our fellow Sri Lankans to join us in this worthy endeavour by celebrating the winners, who will be unveiled on 14 June,” said Foundation of Civilian Bravery Sri Lanka Founder/President Kasun Chandraratne.

“The Foundation of Civilian Bravery Sri Lanka has been honouring selfless brave civilians for 23 years and it is our privilege to support them in this noble endeavour for the third consecutive year. Being a responsible insurer with strong local roots, we recognise the value of timely assistance during moments of peril. Hence, we are delighted to acknowledge and celebrate these acts of bravery conducted by every day heroes at the upcoming ‘Janashakthi – National Civilian Bravery Awards 2018’,” said Janashakthi Insurance PLC Director Jude Fernando.

There are several categories of awards being given away at the ‘Janashakthi – National Civilian Bravery Awards 2018’. The Budal Na Gold Award and the Silver Medals, the mainstay of the event, are awarded to citizens of Sri Lanka who voluntarily risk their lives to save others. The Civilian Bravery Philanthropy Award is to be accorded to individuals who have built a community establishment such as a hospital or school, primarily from their personal funds.

The Civilian Bravery Fauna/Flora Award is for individuals who have exhibited initiative and dedication to protect fauna and/or flora. The Civilian Bravery Nur (Life) Award recognises a donor’s substantial contribution for the promotion of Civilian Bravery by way of personal dedication, media exposure or media research and exposure to discover risks to life. The White Swan Medal for the Students Civilian Bravery Social Activity Award is to be presented to a student who has performed his or her duties to achieve the objectives of social service organisations.

The Foundation of Civilian Bravery Sri Lanka is a non-profit organisation, established by Act No 4 of 2009, dedicated to honouring civilians who voluntarily risk their lives saving or attempting to save the lives of others. Established in 1993, the Foundation bestows medals of bravery annually at ceremonies in Colombo.

Founded in 1994 as a Life Insurance company, Janashakthi Insurance PLC made its mark in the industry as an innovator and household name over a span of over 23 years. Janashakthi has a strong presence across the island, with an expanding Life Insurance network and a dedicated call centre. In line with its vision of lighting the lamp of insurance in every home and workplace, Janashakthi remains committed to becoming a leader in the Life Insurance industry by delivering a service beyond insurance to its customers and stakeholders.

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