Sri Lanka to develop policy framework for beauty culture industry

Sri Lanka seeks to develop a policy framework for beauty culture industry, in order to ensure the expansion, development and further uninhibited expansion and success of the sector.

Policy Development Office of the Prime Minister’s Office and the Small-Scale Enterprise Division of the Ministry of National Policy and Economic Affairs is currently engaged in doing a survey to ascertain the parameters of the needs of these entrepreneurs.

Research has shown that the provision of beauty culture services is an area where educated young women and men are engaged successfully as entrepreneurs in large numbers in all parts of Sri Lanka.

A cross section of entrepreneurs in this sector has been communicated with, by the Policy Development Office in order to get their views on constraints which they face in the further development of their enterprises. Their input will result in a practical, needs based policy framework being developed.

The Small-Scale Enterprise Development Division of the Ministry of National Policy and Economic Affairs has already made an inventory of enterprises in this sector and has conducted some training programs for practitioners.

The proposed framework, will include modalities for development of access to:-finance, technology, skill development, certification of skills, promotion and advertising programs, language competence, web site development, computer and internet facilities, and other requirements specified by the practitioners.

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