Postal employees to resort to stern action

Employees attached to Sri Lanka Postal Department is to resort to stern actions demanding the government to make it ‘closed department’ , Co-convener of the Postal Front H.K. Kariyawasam said today.

He said the government took a decision to make the Health, Education and Railway Departments ‘closed departments’ placing their employees in separate salary scales. He requested the government to include the Postal Department in the same category so that its employees would be set up in a salary scale , independent from that of others in the public service.

Mr. Kariyawasam said the authorities concerned agreed to convert the postal department into a closed department , but it had not been materialized so far.

He said there are only several departments that could be declared as ‘closed department’s with special salary structures for employees .

Mr. Kariyawasam urged the government to remove the 6/2006 circular and let the Postal Department to create their own service minute.

It was learned that the closed departments are independent of other public institutions and their salary scales would be setup withhold to the public service salary scale.

Meanwhile The Postal Front to launch a protest in front of the Central Mail Exchange at Colombo today urging the government to declare the Sri Lanka Post as a ‘closed department’.

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