CEB threatens strike if Cabinet approves ‘E-Scale’ today

The Secretary of the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) Joint Trade Union (JTU), Ranjan Jayalal said, if approval is granted to the illegal salary structure in the CEB known as the ‘E Scale’ during today’s (12) Cabinet meeting, the CEB JTU will opt for a continued strike action with immediate effect.

He said, to a certain segment of the CEB workforce, a salary increment from 60 to 120 per cent had been given during 2014 and……due to that the loss suffered by the CEB had been tabulated at Rs 22.5 billion.

Jayalal said the JTU had launched an eight day strike in protest of this move last September, and charged that the CEB management had acted in contravention of the rules and regulations adhered to with the JTU.

He alleged that many salary bonuses of employees who took part in that strike had been cut off including the medical benefits.

Jayalal warned that if the Government does not heed the warning given by the JTU it will lead to a strike action which could seriously plunge the country into total darkness.

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