Fishermen surround Thalpadu Navy base in protests of arrests

Members of the local fishing community of Thalpadu in Mannar, staged a protest before the Thalpadu Navy base against the arrest of several fishermen of the area by the Navy over the use of illegal fishing nets.

The protest was staged yesterday (4), when a large gathering of local residents surrounded the Navy base in protest of the arrests.

The protesters stated that 25 fishermen were arrested by navy officials. In protest they barricaded the entrances to the Navy camp using fishing boats and nets.

They further stated that it is unjust for the Navy to detain their relatives as they live on a day to day basis on the income that is brought in by the fishermen.

The Talaimannar police stated that the Navy handed over 8 fishermen who had used illicit fishing nets within the area. The police intervened in the incident to disperse the growing mob.

While the 8 detained fishermen will appear before court, the police stated that further investigations will be conducted into the arrests.

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