Deep sea fishers get a shock: Nets were full of snakes, not fish

Deep sea fishermen of Kalladi and Nawaladi were in for a surprise when they pulled in their fishing nets on Saturday. They found the nets were full of snakes and not fish. This unusual phenomenon had drawn a large crowd of people from the surrounding areas and later a larger crowd from the other villages and towns.

The fishermen in those areas, as usual, went out to sea in their boats and let down their nets in the hope of a good catch, but were disappointed. This was reported to the fisheries official, who in turn informed the National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency (NARA).

Officials from NARA had taken samples of these snakes for testing.
Fishermen say that similar snakes were washed ashore in the Kalladi and Nawaladi beaches giving a signal of some disasters during the month and they worry that they may have to experience some kind of disaster situation.

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