The moment when Che Guevara’s daughter met Wijeweera’s son

History lines up many events in a profound as well as amazing manner. Those incidents are random unexpected events. The photograph published herewith shows such a destined meeting. This youth here is the son of revolutionary leader of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP), whom many people of this country were fond of, Rohana Wijeweera’s son.

In the close up photograph with him is the daughter of supreme revolutionary leader of the twentieth century the entire world loved, Ernesto Che Guevara’s daughter. She is a Consultant Paediatrician in Cuba. He is an Engineering Student in the Moscow University in Russia. This meeting of destiny took place at the World Youth and Student Festival held in the city of Moscow in Russia

Aleida Guevara was born on 24 November 1960. Guerilla leader Che Guevara provided leadership to the Socialist Revolution in Cuba together with leaders such as Cuban Leader Fidel Castro in order to gain victory in the Cuban Revolution of 1959. When Aleida was born, Che was the Minister of Industries in Cuba. Subsequent to consolidating Socialism in Cuba in the year 1965, he left Cuba leaving his children also there and secretly went to ensure victory at the Bolivian Revolution. In the final letter he left for Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro who was his battle colleague, he had stated, “I will not request you to care for my children. That is because we have created Cuba so that every child receives a glass of milk in the morning and protection is also received.”

Che who directed battles against the military government of Bolivia was taken into custody on the orders of the American CIA and was shot dead at La Higuera in Bolivia on 9 October 1967.

Aleida studied medicine at the Cuban University and served as a doctor in countries such as Angola, Ecuador and Nicaragua. At present, she serves as Paediatrician at the William Sawyer Children’s Hospital in Cuba.

Rohana Wijeweera is known in Sri Lankan politics as a contemporary follower of Che Guevara. He was born on 14 July 1943 at Kottegoda in Gandara. When the glow of the Cuban Revolution in 1959 was spreading across the world, he entered the Lumumba University in Moscow, Russia in 1960 as a medical student. In 1965, when Che Guevara secretly launched the campaign of revolution in Bolivia, Wijeweera established the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna. In 1967 Wijeweera heard of Che’s death when he was conducting classes at an education camp in Kirinda. On 12 November 1989 Rohana Wijeweera was taken into custody by the UNP government at that time and was shot and murdered the next day at the Borella Cemetery in Colombo.

The meeting of Uvindu WIjeeweera and Aleida Guevara is an event of destiny because in history such meetings are extremely rare.

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