Believe it or not.

Adding to the long list of strange tender awarding procedures in the country, bids called to supply foolproof stickers has now gone to an unsuccessful bidder who quoted a higher price than in its first bid.

A tender for the supply of foolproof stickers and supply, installation and commissioning of a foolproof sticker, sticker management system for liquor and liquor based products, was cancelled, and a fresh tender called on the recommendation of the Procurement Appeal Board.

In the first tender, the lowest tenderer was Madras Security Printers of India who quoted USD 3.19 for 1,000 stickers whereas Manipal Technologies Ltd also of India was placed 3rd with a price of USD 12.80 for 1,000 stickers.

When fresh bids were called Manipal Technologies Ltd reduced their price to US $ 4.52 per 1,000 stickers and became the lowest tenderer whilst Madras Security Printers increased their price from USD 3.19 to USD 5.99 for 1,000 stickers.

Manipal Technologies Ltd was, therefore, Rs. 422 million cheaper, calculated on the basis of a contract of five years, but Madras Security Printers eliminated in the first tender has been awarded the tender despite their second tender being much higher than what they quoted in the second tender. Strangely the same technical evaluation Board presided over both tenders though their original evaluation was cancelled!

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