Drunken novice creates big family rift

A married couple living in a worksite in the Anuradhapura area was dragged into an unanticipated dispute which ended up in police, due to the behaviour of a young neighbour who had been forced to drink for the first time in his life.

The young lad living in the adjoining house of the couple was known in the neighbourhood as a teetotaler, but on that particular day he had attended a party with his friends who had forced him to take a drink. The young man who tasted liquor for the first time in his life felt unsteady and rushed home to avoid any embarrassment.

But he had accidentally entered the house of the neighbouring couple at a time when only the woman was at home. Just then the woman’s husband had come home and on seeing the young man in the house, he had created a big issue.

The Police had to intervene to bring the situation under control as the woman insisted that the young lad was at no fault and the man claiming otherwise.

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