Marians in Bahrain after 20 years!

The Sri Lankan Club, in Bahrain, celebrated its 39th anniversary in grand style.The event, which took the form of a dinner dance, was held at the Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, and it was a full house.

Reports coming our way indicate that this prestigious event was ‘sold out’ long before the big night, on Thursday, November 2nd, 2017.

The music was shared by the group Marians, from Sri Lanka, and DJ Rodriguez (Ravindu Rodrigo), a Sri Lankan, now based in Bahrain.

They say the combination provided the right kind of music and the big crowd of Sri Lankans enjoyed themselves thoroughly – on the dance floor.

Apparently, Marians last performed in Bahrain 20 years ago and that’s a very long time.The long wait made the band a huge draw card and everyone, they say, waited impatiently for this happening scene.

Ravindu Rodrigo, who operates as DJ Rodriguez, is a popular personality in the Bahrain scene, and the Sri Lankan Club made a special request for him to cover this event.

Says Ravindu: “I was honored and very pleased to perform with one of my favorite bands on the very same stage.

“Honestly, it was great meeting these guys in person and I also need to add that all the members of the band are so talented, in many ways, and with multiple musical instruments skill.”

Ravindu went on to say that they all very much appreciated what Marians did that night.

“From all of us, in the Kingdom of Bahrain, a very special thank you to Nalin Perera and the rest of the band members for their wonderful performance.”

In order to cater to the enthusiasm of the Sri Lankans, in Bahrain, a second show was organized, for an even larger audience, where the Sri Lankan baila filled the air.

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