Forbidden love ends in suicide

Police have found bodies of a youth and a young woman in a house in Milleniya, Horana.

The bodies were found yesterday (13).

The victims have been identified as 28-year-old Kosala Fonseka, a resident of Paragastota, Horana and 19-year-old Kosalie Maheshika, a resident of Kinmankada, Horana.

Kosala was a father of one child and he was employed as a bus driver transporting staff of a garment factory.

Meanwhile, the 19-year-old Kosalie was working at the garment factory.

They were having a love affair. Recently, the girl’s parents have found few photos in her mobile phone taken with Kosala at a beach.

Then they have scolded the girl.

However, early yesterday the youth and the girl had left the girl’s home on a motorcycle and several neighbors who were at a funeral house had witnessed it.

Thereafter, the parents of the girl had lodged a complaint with Milleniya Police.

A friend of Kosala had attempted to contact him over his mobile, but when he did not respond, he had gone to Kosala’s home in Paragastota in search of his friend.

The lights were switched on and when he looked inside the house through a window and he had seen the bodies of Kosala and Kosalie hanging from the roof.

They have committed suicide by hanging. The postmortem will be conducted on 14th November.

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