All Party, Religious Conference to discuss Constitution

President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday said that an All Party Conference and an All Religious Conference will be convened to discuss the proposed new Constitution with an objective of dispelling some misconceptions within some quarters. The President also said that a forum consisting of members of academic and the intelligensia will also be called to discuss the proposed Constitution.

President Sirisena is hopeful that the issues pertaining to the Constitution can be solved after the proposed Constitution is brought up for discussion and the necessary amendments introduced to it at these forums.

The President was speaking at the National Convention of activists of reconciliation societies and National Civil Society Federation, organised by the Ministry of National Co-existence Dialogue and Official Languages at the Sugathadasa Indoor stadium yesterday.

All political parties represented Parliament and all religious leaders in the country are to be invited to participate at these forums.

The President was of the view that rabble-rousers are not capable of solving problems.

The President invited the members of the Maha Sangha and the clergy representing other religious denominations,the learned community and experts to solve the issues through discussion.

“No issue can be solved when we are divided. Everyone has the right to work intelligently and find solutions to the country’s issues collectively,” President Sirisena said.

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