Constitution should abolish Executive Presidency -JVP

The JVP says the main goal of a new Constitution should be the abolishment of the Executive Presidency.

Speaking in Parliament during the debate of the Constitutional Assembly JVP Parliamentarian Bimal Ratnayake said the Executive Presidency has created dictators in the past.

The MP said the Executive Presidency has led to people seeking cover from the law, has threatened the judiciary and made Parliament a post office.

MP Bimal Ratnayake said this is why political institutions have depleted adding that even the SAITM issue is a result of the executive.

MP Ratnayake said it is because of the Executive Presidency that those who engaged in corruption during the Rajapaksa regime can still hold office in Parliament.

The Parliamentarian said those not with Maithripala Sirisena have cases against them and those who are now with him also stole and they don’t have cases filed against them.

Minister Harin Fernando says patriots should root for reconciliation instead of division in the island.

Speaking in Parliament today, Minister Fernando said true patriots do not encourage bombing the Parliament.

The Minister said patriots should love all races and religions alike adding that the country cannot be built apart from presenting a new Constitution that minimizes discrimination and divisions.

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