Five police teams to probe Kosgoda shooting

Five Special Police Investigation teams headed by Alpitiya Divisional SP Nihal Thalduwa have been deployed to conduct investigations into the Kosgoda shooting incident.

Four persons have been confirmed dead following multiple shooting incidents that ensued in Kosgoda earlier today (29), where one individual has also been injured.

Police sources have confirmed that the fatalities occurred following several shootings in the area.

The shooting incidents have been carried out in the areas of Kurudugahapiyasa, Manikgama and Laliheththuwayuda Pittaniya,police Media Spokesperson, Superintendent, Ruwan Gunasekara said.

A 13-year-old student has sustained injuries following the first shooting incident, it is reported.

Meanwhile, three persons aged 21, 38 and 50 have been killed following the shooting incident carried out in the Laaliheththuwayuda Pittaniya area.
The injured person had been admitted to Balapitiya Hospital.

It has been revealed that four suspects who arrived on two motor cycles have carried out the shooting with the use of T-56 firearms.

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