Thajudeen murder Family upset over lack of progress

The family of the murdered ruggerite Wasim Thajudeen says that they are currently contemplating what should be done with regard to the lack of progress in the case, including whether they should totally abstain from participating in Court proceedings.

A lawyer representing the Thajudeen family said, that they were thoroughly disgusted over the lack of progress regarding the case. He explained that there was a high probability that the family is likely to refrain from attending the next two or three Court dates, when the case is taken up.

The family may make a public statement in this regard, the Attorney-at-Law noted.

“This is a farce. Former Chief Judicial Medical Officer of Colombo, Dr. Ananda Samarasekara was granted bail. All the information regarding the killing is available, yet it is not being pursued. The family has gone through the pain and agony of exhuming the body of their child despite religious reservations. Justice must be done,” he explained.

Dr. Samarasekara was initially arrested over his alleged involvement in the missing body parts following the post-mortem of the victim.

The sister of the deceased, dental surgeon Dr. Ayesha Thajudeen said that the family was extremely pensive at present, and is considering the next step, adding that in a week or two they may take a decision.

“We do not see any progress. We are quite depressed as to the discrepancy between what was promised and what is happening at present. We are perplexed.”

When queried as to whether they intended to state their grievances to any relevant authority, she added, “The case was filed by the State. It is being handled by the Attorney General’s Department. In such a context, whom do we go to regarding why there is a lack of progress or regarding where in the process an act of sabotage may have taken place? It does not make sense to go to the Court on every trial date. We are losing trust and faith in relation to what is happening. This is very pathetic for the country.”

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