Yeti Isotonic creates waves in lankan beverage market

Yeti Isotonic which was recently launched in Sri Lanka looks to shake-up the sports drink market by offering the ‘most advanced electrolyte drink’.

The drink is targeted at athletes and those with a fitness-inspired lifestyle.

While isotonic drinks are wildly popular with sportsmen and fitness buffs world-wide, the concept has gained traction in Sri Lanka only recently. An isotonic drink has the same concentration as blood plasma and thus delivers fluid to the body faster. Consuming an isotonic drink quickly replaces the fluids and electrolytes lost through sweating and provide a boost of carbohydrates. Yeti Isotonic is the only drink in the market that contains all five electrolytes for superior re-hydration plus a comprehensive mix of B-vitamins for recovery and energy.
The drink has gained fast acceptance among rugby, swimming and cycling teams across the country. The drink is a great alternative to carbonated, sugary drinks and can be consumed by school children and adults alike
The product is marketed in a unique dumbbell shaped bottle which is both visually attractive and functionally useful, a first for Sri Lanka.
The product is manufactured and marketed by NDurance (Pvt.) Ltd, which is a Neutraceutical company based in Sri Lanka. The company was started by two budding young entrepreneurs Dr. Dilshan Balasuriya and Nishelli Perera.
“At NDurance, innovation is our lifeblood. Starting with functional ingredients, we want to create innovative products that bring a unique, multi-sensory experience for the consumer. We aim to provide healthy products for those seeking to live life to the fullest,” says Nishelli. Prior to this venture, Nishelli was the Head of Strategy at a leading pharmaceutical company.
Yeti Isotonic was the culmination of the research efforts of Dr. Dilshan in collaboration with a globally renowned German beverage company.
“Significant losses in fluids and electrolytes can negatively impact performance, especially during long bouts of training. Fluid loss of only two percent of body weight can reduce performance by up to 20 percent. Yeti Isotonic fulfills your need for an isotonic drink that optimizes your performance and fitness, but with an exciting taste sensation,” says Dr. Dilshan, a Cambridge graduate who has a PhD in Neuro-pharmacology.

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