President chairs a meeting on the future activities of official term expired Provincial Councils

President Maithripala Sirisena has given instructions to the Divisional Secretaries to continue the services rendered by the provincial councils to the public without any hindrance, even though the official term of the provincial council has ended.

The President gave these instructions at a meeting held at the Presidential Secretariat today (16) under his patronage, to discuss the future activities of term expired provincial councils.

The President discussed with the officials about the issues they faced when fulfilling the duties of the North Central, Sabaragamuwa and Eastern Provincial Councils of which the official terms have already ended.

The President also pointed out the need of ensuring that the  other institutions do not control  the responsibilities vested with the Provincial Councils, and instructed the officials regarding the ways how they should utilize the allocated funds for the Provincial Councils in an effective manner.

President Sirisena further instructed the officials to pay their special attention about the development projects carried out in respective areas with the local and foreign funds, and said to efficiently carry forward those projects. He advised them to carry out those activities under the guidance of the respective Governor of the Province.

A group of persons, including the Minister Faizer Mustapha, Governors and the Secretary to the President, Austin Fernando participated in this meeting.

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