JVP threatens general strike, seeking closure of SAITM

Gone are the days when the government protected banks against robbers; instead, today, those in power rob banks themselves, JVP General Secretary Tilvin Silva.

Addressing the 19th annual convention of the Ceylon Teacher Service Union held at the Public Library on Friday, Silva said those found guilty of petty theft were thrown behind bars while those who carried out mega frauds went scot free. Losses caused by the sil redi fraud by previous government amounted Rs. 600 million. “The case was heard and punishment was meted out. Those who found guilty spent one week in prison hospital and then went back home. Secretary of Namal Rajapaksa was wanted internationally. She was arrested in the morning and given bail in the evening of the same day. Ordinary people spend years behind bars without bail. Look at the Siriliya fraud. None talks about them today.

The government was encouraging mega rackets while taking action against petty thieves, Silva said.

“Each citizen owes Rs. 500,000 to international banks and finance organisations. A kilo of rice sells at Rs. 100; a coconut costs Rs. 100. The gas price has been increased by Rs. 110. The cost of living is skyrocketing.

JVP Politburo member and trade union wing leader KD Lal kantha said education had now become a commodity. People had to receive education according to their purchasing power. The last addition to the degrees for sale was the MBBS. Now, the government had given the South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine the right to sell MBBS degrees. “We staged a strike on Sept. 21 against SAITM. Around 50 percent of teachers around the country participated in it in the national interest. Unless the government heed our call and abandon the practice of selling education, we will resort to a general strike.” he said.

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