‘Yahapalanaya’ shows 75-pct poor or no action on election promises.

Sri Lanka’s coalition government has recorded poor progress or no action in 75 percent or more of the election promises, Manthri.lk’s manifesto tracker showed.

The manifesto tracker launched recently monitors progress in the implementation of the 80 actionable pledges and policy measures by the UNFGG and UPFA as per their respective election manifestos.

Each promise has been classified under a thematic area (Completed, On Track, Poor Progress, No Action) and scored in terms of its current stage of progress.

Some promises which have yet seen no action, but are important for improving governance and democracy in Sri Lanka, include new campaign finance laws in the UNFGG manifesto and intra party democracy rules proposed in the UPFA manifesto.

The findings on progress made so far show that both parties have similar levels of progress, with the UNFGG having 25 percent of promises on track or complete and the UPFA recording 20 percent in the two categories.

Some highlights of the UNFGG’s delivered promises include a private sector minimum wage, restoring GSP+ tax concessions, removal of the EU fisheries export ban and creating a system of sectoral oversight committees of parliament.

The UPFA’s key promises delivered include setting up a national economic advisory council, developing a national sustainable development plan and increasing wages for estate workers.

Key promises delivered that were part of both manifestos include the RTI Act, and a key promise still pending is the National Audit Act.

Sri Lanka’s parliamentary elections were held in August 2015 and a coalition government was thereafter established, comprising Sri Lanka’s two largest political alliances: the UNFGG and the UPFA.

The UNP, led by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, is the largest party in the UNFGG and secured a plurality of seats while the SLFP forms the main constituent party of the UPFA, and is led by President Maithripala Sirisena.

The national unity government is fast approaching the half-way mark of their term in office.

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