Pottuvil housing scheme Bathiudeen attends inauguration

Minister of Industry and Commerce, Rishad Bathiudeen regrets that the Muslim Community in Sri Lanka had been neglected whenever they were in need of assistance. “Our so called Muslim Leaders remain silent instead of fighting for our rights. They speak up only when elections are around the corner,” he said.

Minister Bathiudeen delivered a speech at the inauguration ceremony of a housing scheme in Pottuvil. Fifty houses with all amenities will be built with the assistance of the Dubai Charity Association (a non-governmental organization based in the United Arab Emirates).

The housing scheme was named ‘Sheikh Zeyed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan’ and was jointly initiated by Minister Bathiudeen, the High Commissioner of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Abdul Hameed Abdul Falah Cassim Al Fata Al Mull nah and the Secretary General of the Dubai Charity Association, Ahamed Mohamed Bin Bismar Al Shamzi.

Bathiudeen added that Muslim politicians should act wisely and think about the younger generation and ensure that they are on the right track. “We must utilize our resources for the well-being and future of our community,” he said.

Furthermore, the Minister appealed to educationists, philanthropists, industrialists, and other community leaders in the area to come forward and identify vulnerable people and prepare a plan to give them a better life. He also stated that Pottuvil is an area with natural resources and above all it is blessed with attractive tourist resorts where several projects could be initiated. He also said that people should be cautious about those who come to the area only when an election is around the corner and deliver emotional speeches.

The housing scheme will feature a school, a health centre, a community centre, and a market in addition to 50 houses with all amenities.

A large number of residents participated in this event.

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