Restraining order against Namal, D.V. Upul

The Hambantota Magistrate’s Court yesterday issued a restraining order preventing protests by MPs Namal Rajapaksa, D.V.Upul and others in the vicinity of Hambantota port, Indian Consulate and the roads leading to the Port today.

The Magistrate issued the order considering a request made to the court by the Hambantota Police.

The Police had come to know that a group of Joint Opposition members were planning a protest near Hambantota Port against the agreement signed by the Government with China to develop the port.

“They had also been planning to protest against government plans to seek foreign assistance to run the Mattala airport,” JO sources said.

A meeting had been held under the leadership of MPs Namal Rajapaksa and D.V. Upul to organise the protest recently.

The Magistrate had also ordered the Police not to allow protesters to block the roads, inconvenience the public and cause any damage to public property.

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