Ex-Tiger arms manufacturer captured

Pudukuddirippu Police said that an individual who had been secretly manufacturing firearms and explosives in a house in Devipuram, Pudukuddirippu in Mullaitivu was taken into custoady together with firearms and explosives, on Tuesday (03).

Based on information received by the police that firearms were being manufactured on a large scale inside a house in Devipuram, a sudden raid was carried out and the suspect apprehended.

During questioning, Police had discovered that the suspect had been serving in the firearms manufacturing division of the LTTE for a long time.

At the time of arrest, three dipping guns, seven muzzle-loaders, 12 pipes used for making guns, ten kilos of T-56 bullets, 500 grams of explosives, saws, pliers and a large quantity of equipment used for manufacturing guns were also taken into custody. Police have revealed that a dipping gun was sold at Rs 10,000 and a muzzleloader at Rs. 5,000 to people from various provinces.

They said further that an investigation has been launched into the persons to whom the suspect has sold firearms, as well. The suspect was due to be produced at the Mullaitivu Courts yesterday.

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