Sentenced 1 yr and fined Rs. 356,000 to a 23 year old, for riding a 1000cc bike

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A 23-old man had been sentenced to one year in prison, suspended for ten years, and a fine of Rs. 356,000 by Horana Magistrate on Tuesday for riding a motorcycle that had an engine capacity of more than 1000cc, the Police said.

The Magistrate has also ordered the motorcycle, valued more than Rs. 1 million, to be confiscated.

The Police arrested the 23-year old man, a resident of Gurugoda in Horana for riding the high capacity motorcycle with a fake number plate.

The Police filed 12 charges against him, including illegally importing the vehicle, using a fake number plate, driving without registering and reckless riding.

The Police said that investigations had revealed that the fake registration number used by the rider belonged to another individual in Weliweriya.

The suspect was also charged for hit and run in an accident in December last year in which another motorcyclist was injured. He was fined Rs. 15,000 by the Horana Magistrate in that incident


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