Maximum price for tea, lunch packet, hoppers

All Island Restaurant Owners’ Association (AIROA) today requested the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) to declare the maximum retail prices of a cup of tea, a packet of lunch, a hopper and a cup of milk tea.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror AIROA, earlier known as Canteen Owners’ Association National Organiser of Associations Chairman Asela Sampath said the decision was taken following a meeting held yesterday.

The maximum retail price was increased in the wake of the price of a domestic LP gas cylinder going up by Rs.110 and increase of essential food items.

“Most of the restaurant owners use LP gas and therefore it is very essential to increase the price of food items,” he said.

Accordingly, the price of a cup of tea would be increased to Rs.20 while the price of a cup of Milk Tea will be increased to Rs 40.

The price of a packet of lunch (fish) would be increased to Rs. 130 and the price of a hopper will be increased to Rs. 15.

The price of lunch packets should be increased and lunch packets should be gazetted as an essential food item.

Lunch packets should be named an essential food item by the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) and should have a controlled price. That control price should be revised according to the price of related items,” Mr. Sampath said.

He said a lunch packet should have a minimum standard and it should include three vegetables, a piece of fish and greens.

The government should be held responsible for the inconvenience of the public.

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