Committee for delimitation of new electorates

In the aftermath of the enactment of legislation to change the electoral system for Provincial Council elections, the government will appoint a committee on Monday to work on the delimitation of new electorates for the purpose, a Minister said today.

Local Government and Provincial Councils Minister Faizer Mustapha held a top level meeting with the officials of the Elections Commission on Wednesday to work out modalities for this purpose.

The Minister told Daily Mirror that a five-member committee would be appointed to work in the creation of new electorates for the purpose.

President Maithripala Sirisena will recommend names for this committee. Also, three members currently serving in the National Delimitation Commission will be assigned to this special committee.

The new Act, introduced by the government, provides for conducting the elections to the PCs under a mix of the Proportional Representation and the First Past the Post Systems. The members will be elected in equal proportion under each system.

The Minister said the process would be completed by March, next year.

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