‘Osari Pota’ fiasco — Parties may have violated Penal Code: NCPA

Initial investigations into the incident at Gannoruwa where 250 female students of a primary school were lined up along the road and display an ‘osari pota’ had revealed that the parties concerned may have committed offences under the Penal Code, the National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) said today.

NCPA Chairperson Marini de Livera said in a statement that she had directed NCPA ASP Merril Ranjan to conduct further investigations into the questionable incident and obtain the names of the students who were made to participate in this road show, the names of their parents and those of the school teachers who accompanied the students.

She said she had also asked for the names of the officials who requested the class teachers to get the children to participate in this senseless event.

Ms. de Livera said they would also check whether the children were provided with food and drink and obtain a detailed statement from the school Principal, the Provincial Education Director and the Provincial Education Secretary with regard to the event and the names of any children who fell ill during the event.

“If any child fell ill, such children should be produced before a JMO and a report obtained. The name and designation of the person in charge of looking after the well-being of the children during the event and the the nature of police protection given to the children,” she said.

The 3,200 metre-long bridal sari was created by a beautician hoping to set a Guinness World Record for the world’s longest sari.

The students of Alwathugoda Sarath Ekanayake Primary School were made to line up along the Gannoruwa–Kandy Road displaying the sari to Guinness officials

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