Unused land to be given to plantation workers

Minister Lakshman Kiriella says the government has decided to provide one acre of non-cultivated tea lands to every plantation worker.

Speaking at a program held in Kandy, Minister Kiriella said plantation workers can then maintain the land and build their lives adding that the government will provide assistance through the Tea Small Holdings Development Authority.

Minister Kiriella said there are some plantations that are very profitable while some incur losses.

Minister Lakshman Kiriella said the policy of the United National Party is to provide equal rights to all communities in the island.

The Minister said living based on religious beliefs is not practical adding that the United National Party is supported by a majority of Sinhala Buddhists.

He said while protecting the rights of Sinhala Buddhists, the stance of the UNP is equal rights should be provided to the Tamil community, the plantation community and the Christian and Muslim community.

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