Longest wedding ‘Osari pota’

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The front pages of newspapers of 23rd Sept carried a wedding photo of a couple; the bride was wearing a sari, supposed to be with the longest ever fall – ‘saree pota’ worn by a bride. It appears the intention was to set a world record. But the issue is that they had tried to do this by using students of a school and during school time. The sari had been carried by 250 students in school uniform. Another 100 students had been flower girls. Ironically, the Chief Minister of the Province was a special guest at the wedding.

Nobody seems to know how the school authorities gave permission for an event, where students were used during school hours. The parents would have been devastated to hear that their children, instead of attending school, attended a wedding and lined up along the road to hold a wedding sari. The presence of the Chief Minister should be no excuse. The Education Department should not condone this type of conduct. They need to take to task the person responsible for releasing the students to celebrate a wedding, as, otherwise, this would create a precedent.

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