Legal action against parents of underage drivers

National Council on Road Safety Chairman Dr. Sisira Kodagoda yesterday said plans are afoot to take legal action against parents or guardians of underage drivers.

Dr. Kodagoda said the parents or guardians who allow children below the age of 18 to drive should be at the receiving end of the issue and tragedy behind it. According to Dr. Kodagoda, parents and guardians should be aware of the risk and illegality of the action. “So that would be the recent we might have to look into penalizing the parents and guardians of underage drivers. We are to carry out discussions regarding this proposal in the near future,”Dr. Kodagoda said.

“The dialogue on taking legal action against parents or guardians of underage drivers comes in the wake of the death of a schoolboy in Thalawa in a motor cycle accident,” Dr. Kodagoda explained.

The deceased was a Grade 10 student of Kiralagama Subodhi Vidyalaya, whose motorbike veered off the road due to high speeding.

“This was just one case; there have been many similar incidents and the situation keeps getting from bad to worse.” Dr.Kodagoda added.

Dr.Kodagoda also added that the usage of helmets in rural areas has dwindled. He identified the situation as another grave issue which should be quickly addressed.

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