“SupremeSAT” cost Rs 460mn obtained from CEB funds: Champika

The former government had allegedly spent Rs.460 million from the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) funds for ‘SupremeSAT’, the country’s first ever telecommunication satellite, Megapolis and Western Development Minister Champika Ranawaka said today.

He said in the guise of importing coal to the country the money had been allegedly syphoned out by the former president’s son who was responsible for SupremeSAT.

Attending the 21st Anniversary of the CEB retired employees Welfare Society he made the above remark and said some of the responsible individuals were able to taken into custody but released on bail after two days.

Minister Ranawaka said that he had made a complaint over the incident and it is being probed now however not sure whether the justice is being served.

Also he said the person who misappropriate Rs.12 billion from the 18,000 CEB employees EPF had able to release on bail after two days.

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