Power cut kills a four year girl.

A four-year-old girl has fallen victim to the power cuts experienced in many parts of the country as a result of the strike launched by CEB employees.

The girl was given the wrong cough medicine in the dark.

On Thursday (14) night, the family experienced a power cut in their home in Kattaparichchan in Sampur. The victim, Sivanetthin Parsin was suffering from a cold at the time and her mother, in the dark found a bottle thought to be paracetamol to give to her child. The little girl soon after had complained of a stomach ache and her father having suspected something to be wrong with the medicine and had tasted it himself. It is then that the parents had noticed that it was not paracetamol and they had rushed their daughter to the Muttur hospital. As the girl’s condition worsened, they transferred her to the Trincomalee General Hospital but she did not respond to the treatment and died soon after.

The father too is receiving treatment for having ingested the poison but his condition is not serious.

Sampur Police is conducting further investigations into the case.

In a separate incident, the power cut in Hingurakgoda resulted in the death of the Public Health Inspector, M.P. Sunil Karunaratne (56).

Karunaratne who had been brought to the Hingurakgoda Hospital suffering from a heart attack could not be treated at the hospital due to the power cut. He was then being transferred to the Polonnaruwa Hospital wherein he died.

Karunaratne was attached to the Hingurakgoda Public Health Department at the time of his death.

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