What You Can Do For The Remaining Holidays of 2017

Hear ye, good humans of the Mother Land, I come baring unsettling news – the year of 2017 has a mere 6 Public Holidays left. I repeat, only 6 lazy holidays reveling in the fact that responsibilities are on pause. You may now panic! Where has time flown? You scream, in an anxiety stricken state. Well, it probably whizzed past while you were busy scrolling through Facebook. Teehee.

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So in this urgent situation, when only 3 of those 6 public holidays fall on a Friday or Monday, extending the weekend, we have decided to bring you this little tidbit of advice.

1. Travel

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You’ll only enjoy a view like this atop Adam’s Peak.. Hike, anyone?

This may be the most basic thing you can do when it comes to a long weekend, but it could also be the most cumbersome and tiring to plan out. You have 3 long weekends that are travel worthy (Friday November 3rd is Ill Poya, Friday December 1st is Milad-un-Nabi and Monday December 25th is Christmas Day), so here’s an idea – don’t be that person who needs to plan everything to a T. Load up a backpack, hop on a random train and just go where the tracks take you! Anywhere in Sri Lanka is beautiful and has lots of things to do, so wherever you end up, you’re bound to have a great time, especially if it’s with great company. Ella, Arugam Bay, Trincomalee; let adventure seize you!

2. Visit new restaurants

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You can get this amazing Giant Cookie here!

Don’t deny it, you’re a foodie, everyone’s a foodie! And what with the endless eateries popping up in and around Colombo, the culinary adventures are endless! So get your lazy bum out of bed and go taste the rainbow! If you feel a little loaded,Robata Grill at Movenpick serves up some great Japanese, or if you still haven’t tried it out, Taco Bell is actually pretty decent. Go on and check out Pulse’s Restaurant Reviews for an endless list of options!

3. Do your Christmas shopping early

We know – WE KNOW – the struggle of trying to buy gifts for all the people you love! Trying to be thoughtful and sentimental is such a hassle but leaving it for the last minute really isn’t going to help your case, sweetie. Plan out your list early this year, decide on your budgets and go out and do that shopping! If you need help, check out The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide or if all else fails, our little wish list is at 21 Things to Buy Off of eBay this Christmas and we really wouldn’t mind a little pressie!

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4. Plan out your Halloween

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You know that feel after every Halloween passes you by and you’re like, dammit, should have done something this year! ‘Cause I sure do! Be that cool kid and organize a Halloween party or don’t clean your room for a week and welcome Amma to her own personal horror house. Jk, don’t do that, you’ll be joining the dead soon if you do. But in all seriousness, just ‘cause we’re Lankan, there’s nothing stopping us from getting a little spooked! Organize a fancy dress horror movie marathon, gather your friends for Mohini stories, have a laugh at this golden nugget, you get the jist.

5. Complete that bucket list

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You guys, seriously. The year is coming to an end and you still haven’t crossed off the “get fit” bullet point off your bucket list? Great cause neither have I! Honestly though, if not now, when? If not you, who? *insert other inspirational quotes so you’d finally get your act together and stop sobbing over ice cream about all the time that’s lost*

6. Make a new bucket list

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OR you can just screw it all and make a new bucket list like I do every year. Teehee. One can always hope and dream that someday our feet would wander into a gym and that the fit-life would beckon to us. One can also hope Amma would let us travel outside of our backyards and dream that one day we would finally climb that mountain…..

7. Live a little

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What it all comes down to, my fellow Lankan, is that we’re enjoying life and living it up. I wouldn’t expect any less of my nation and you shouldn’t either. We are the party people; we are the adventurers, the seabirds, and the life of the party! And regardless of how many days your boss refuses to let you vacation, seize life when you can!


Happy holiday-ing, Sri Lanka!

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