New ‘Smart ID’ only after tabulating country’s citizens registry

Those who are applying for the new ‘Smart ID’ should submit their applications with photographs taken in accordance with international standards and using special software provided by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), Commissioner General of the Department for Registration of Persons Viyani Gunathilaka said.

Gunathilaka said that applicants should submit three copies of a photograph 35mm in width and 45 mm in height. They should be taken at studios registered by the Department for Registration of Persons (DRP).

The DRP has registered 1,700 studios country wide.

The photo swould be laser engraved on a special polycarbonate plastic, he said.

“The photo would be printed on the card using laser engraving technology, which cannot be tampered with,” Gunathilaka explained.

The Cmmissioner General said the studios registered by the DRP had been issued with the ICAO software and the photos would be sent to the Department online.

Further details in this regard could be obtained from the Grama Niladhari officials or from the regional office of the DRP at Maharagama or from the department’s website or by dialing the department’s telephone No 0112862217, Gunathilaka said.

The department would issue a new ‘Smart ID’ within the coming two months, after the introduction of the present NICs some 45 years ago, Gunathilaka said.

He said that the decision had been taken considering several issues regarding the current National Identity Cards (NICs).

“The new identity card will include biometric details, barcode, holder’s signature, and the expiry date in three languages,” he said.

“The new identity card has to be renewed after ten years. If persons taking or changing their E-ID after 40 years of age there is no need for renewal, but persons younger than 40 will have to renew them,” Gunathilake said.

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