66 Division Launches Coconut Cultivation Programme

Intending to propagate the cultivation of coconuts in the general areas of Pooneryn as well as to generate an income for needy people in the long run, a large stock of coconut seedlings were distributed on Thursday (7) among low-income groups in Pooneryn area on the directions of General Officer Commanding, 66 Division.

A training programme on the cultivation of coconut seedlings also took place around the same time after the distribution of seedlings at the Arasapurakulam Battalion Training School.

The initiative launched as a notion of the General Officer Commanding, 66 Division, Major General Duminda Keppetiwalana with the support of the Commander, Security Forces – Kilinochchi (SF-KLN), Major General Ajith Kariyakarawana saw 100 coconut seedlings distributed among those needy families.

Commander, Security Forces – Kilinochchi, as the Chief Guest and the General Officer Commanding, 66 Division distributed those seedlings and other literature and booklets, pertaining to cultivation of coconuts during the brief ceremony at the Battalion Training School.

In this connection, the technical assistance, comprised of seedlings, fertilizer, construction of agricultural wells, erection of protective fences, supportive materials, etc to the value of Rs. 2 million, needed for healthy growth of those seedlings were provided by Silvermill Group, Giriulla.

Commander, SF-KLN graced the occasion as the Chief Guest at the invitation of GOC, 66 Division, representatives of Silvermill group and distinguished invitees in the area together with Mr. Krishnendren, Divisional Secretary of Poonakery and Regional Manager, Coconut Cultivation Board, Mr. Ygundan attended the occasion.

At the conclusion of the day’s programme, Major General Ajith Kariyakarawana, Chief Guest shared his views with participants and discussed possible future assistance for the community in the area and also inquired into the possibilities of having the same programme in Kilinochchi area.

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