Police to reward disciplined drivers.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Pujith Jayasundera has launched a scheme to reward disciplined drivers, in every Province, the Police Media Unit said in a media release
The release added: “Accordingly, 300 drivers were selected at random by the Traffic Police in the city of Kandy and a 7-day workshop was held there.

Wherever the best drivers programme is held in Sri Lanka, the Police will not focus attention only on undisciplined drivers but also on those who drive while following road rules in a disciplined manner.

The details of this vehicle will be obtained on this occasion and a sticker will be pasted on the front frame. Not only that, AMW Pit Stop, which is a leading company in Sri Lanka, has carried out inspection of the vehicles of the 300 drivers, in the city of Kandy, free of charge and presented them with a voucher worth Rs 3,000 as well.

At a time when violation of road rules has increased, this programme being implemented by the Police, to control this situation is not at all an easy task. IGP Pujith Jayasundara said that the Police, focusing not only on undisciplined drivers and the programme of awarding gifts to disciplined drivers, is a programme to encourage drivers with a memento and is a farsighted activity as well.
The next step in this programme will be held in Colombo and subsequently in Kurunegala and Matara as too. In addition to providing services free of charge to disciplined drivers, free medical tests and discounts at leading hospitals, hotels and restaurants will also be awarded.

During the programme at Kandy, the first driver to be stopped by the Police had been N. M. Nalin Bandara, a resident of Gurudeniya in Kandy. He said that when the Police asked him to stop he got scared and wondered whether he had violated any road rules. “However, today, a Police officer with a smiling face stopped me in Kandy and said that I was asked to stop because I was driving in a disciplined manner. This is a wonderful thing at a moment when there is a wrong understanding regarding the Police, that driver said. It is said that the IGP hopes to implement this programme in every province.

The IGP has said that, the programme for disciplined drivers will be implemented further in a better manner and that a system to award specific marks will also be implemented, to encourage drivers. Under this guidance, Police Officers will select a good area and engage in the procedure of pasting stickers, which will result in minimizing the violation of road rules in the future.

A group of 38 Police Officers, including Superintendant of Police I of Kandy H. N. S. Pieris and Officer-In-Charge of the Traffic Division, Inspector of Police M.W. A. Indrasiri were present at this workshop to ensure its success.”

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