Joint Opposition lighting ‘pus wedi’ to topple the govt. – Sajith Premadasa

Housing and Construction Minister, Sajith Premadasa said the joint opposition is lighting ‘pus vedi’ instead of ‘ali vedi’ in an attempt to topple the duly elected Yahapalanaya regime.

The masses now have a people-friendly government in power, which does not concentrate on the families of ministers, but instead focus on the welfare of the common man, who can today live without harassment or persecution, he noted.

Addressing a meeting after ceremonially opening the Somirivigama, the 38th model village at Bedigamtota in Suriyawewa, Premadasa said the government stands committed towards ensuring a better tomorrow for the people of the country.

He said that Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera on the instructions of the President and the Prime Minister reduced the prices of small commercial vehicles by Rs. 300,000 to give a boost to small and medium scale businesses, self-employment projects and those eager to venture out to start a small enterprise of their own.

The Minister said the joint opposition will “see stars” during the day time when the next budget of the Yahapalana regime is presented in parliament.

He said there was an era when everything was done for the financial benefit of the players of the then regime. Large extents of land at Suriyawewa was encroached on by the so-called ‘Royal family’ of the time.

“The past two years has been described by the joint opposition as the ‘Moosala Dewasara’, but we consider it as the golden era of housing that should be written in letters of gold in the annals of history”, he added.

Premadasa said that it was his target to set up 2,500 model villages before the next presidential election and the run up to the general election.

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