Cabinet paper to initiate jobs– Dayasiri Jayasekara

The sports minister Dayasiri Jayasekara indicated that he is going to submit a cabinet paper with the idea of initiating jobs for sportsmen and women in government establishments.

He made these comments yesterday(26th) on the opening day of the National Convention of the Sri Lanka Volleyball Federation held at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute.

Profit making government establishments should allocate job placements for the national athletes who perform well in sports.

Government organizations should look after them by at least allocating jobs or sponsoring them with their sports activity. “We need to take care of our top athletes and there are nearly 300 – 350 of them in Sri Lanka in all sports. These people needs caring due to poverty and economical issues, who otherwise face the situation of having to leave their sport, due to their plight of having to get into some kind of employment to take care of their families.”

“We are planning to build a special area for Volleyball for players to do their practices prior to international events and also conducting international level matches in Sri Lanka at Sugadasa Sports Complex. Our main intention is developing all the sports as much as we can.

“After I got appointed I requested all the national bodies to submit their master plan for the next five years but only a few plans were submitted and I even requested them that the ministry will pay for the making of these master plans but only a few were received yet and it was very disappointing but happy to see that Sri Lanka Volleyball has come forward to setup the working plan and I really thank the Volleyball Federation.” Minister said.

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