Ron Kaufman in Sri Lanka an unprecedented success: SLIM

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300 CEOs and 1,000 professionals captivated by service guru’s philosophy

Kaufman says uplifting service a proven path to biz success


SLIM, the national body for marketing in Sri Lanka, notched up yet another highly successful delivery of its mandate of creating opportunities to receive global knowledge and competencies for the Sri Lankan business fraternity with an international workshop with the world’s top service guru, Ron Kaufmann. The secrets to successful customer service and service excellence were shared by the eminent educator with over 1,000 Sri Lankans attendees.

Kaufman is renowned for motivating his audience to make palpable changes in their service leadership culture, and proved his skills with the large audience which was very impressed by his knowledge and expertise.

Over the course of two days, he spoke about the best global practices which were highly relevant to the increasingly globalised economy that marketers function in.  At both the CEO Forum, which had a participation of over 300 decision-makers, and the Knowledge Forum with over 1,000 marketers and professionals of similar capacities, Kaufman captivated his audience with key learnings, practical examples and his renowned blueprint for gaining a competitive edge in any industry and business.

Looking back at both the CEO Breakfast Forum themed ‘Leading the Service Focused Culture’ and the Knowledge Forum titled ‘Service Leadership – The Inevitable’, which were deemed unprecedented successes judging by the highly positive feedback received, SLIM President Karthik Elangovan stated: “Undoubtedly, this is a milestone for Sri Lankan marketers and our corporates because we have opened up an absolute treasure trove in inculcating a service-driven culture into the macro landscape of the Sri Lankan economy. This is really important for Sri Lanka’s development agenda and I do believe that a service-driven culture forms a strong foundation for the nation’s vision going forward.”

Stating that SLIM, as the national body for marketing, has delivered the fundamentals and the blueprint required to build this service-driven culture, Elangovan reiterated that ‘Ron Kaufman Live in Sri Lanka’ has now given the country the key to turn the organisational culture into one of service leadership. Echoing these sentiments, Project Chairperson Ranga Perera believes that the practical examples, coupled with theory and work knowledge imparted by Kaufman have set the pace for corporates to now look upwards and outwards.

“For SLIM, this event was truly a trailblazer and one that made us proud, especially as we have contributed to the country’s forward journey.” Underlining that it was the teamwork and leadership demonstrated by the SLIM Council, a penetrative marketing campaign and holistic planning which heralded this unprecedented crowd-puller of over 1,300 participants, Perera adds that SLIM has truly made a great achievement by having Ron Kaufman’s universally applicable expertise shared across multiple industries and companies in Sri Lanka.

Determined to continue the momentum of the success stemming from this event, CEO/Executive Director Sanath Senanayaka proclaimed that SLIM was committed to impart global knowledge and experience, and therefore will feature such personalities for the benefit of the business fraternity.  “Being the national body for marketing, we have a responsibility to ensure that our marketing fraternity as well as the country gains an optimum advantage from the influence we possess in the international marketing arena. Hence, SLIM wishes to feature more such personalities who will share global best practices, learnings and experiences.”

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