Student enrollment on hold: SAITM

The SAITM today said that they would not enroll students for the upcoming intakes until the Higher Education Ministry would provides them with directives on new student admissions.

SAITM Registrar Husni Hussain told the Daily Mirror that the Higher Education Ministry had written to SAITM in May instructing it to await the ministry’s decision with regard to its student intake.

“We have not received any direction from the ministry so far. Therefore, the SAITM will not enroll students until the ministry’s decision. According to the Universities Act, the Higher Education Ministry’s Secretary is the specified authority to do so,” she added.

Meanwhile, Ms. Hussain said despite being the main stakeholder, the SAITM had not been invited to the discussion on SAITM which would be held tomorrow with the President by all stakeholders.

She said that Mr. Gemunu Wijeratne who claimed to be the SAITM Medical Faculty Parents Forum’s Convener was not a representative of the SAITM’s actual parents association.

“It is reported that Mr. Wijeratne has been invited for this discussion with President Sirisena. However, he has no authority to represent the SAITM,” she added.

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